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5 Ways Decorative Rocks Can Enhance The Look of Your Home

Homeowners rarely think about rocks when planning their new landscape design. As useless as they might seem, rocks can add a lot of texture, dimension and personality. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind look that will allow your property to stand out from the rest. If you’re interested in learning more about how decorative rocks for landscaping can enhance the look of your home, keep reading!

What is a hardscape design?

In landscaping, hardscape design refers to the non-living exterior features of your home and yard. These are typically things like walls, patios, and driveways that help organize your space and add to the overall aesthetics. Decorative hardscape aggregates like rocks can provide a sense of depth, texture, and color while also reducing erosion and combating water waste.

How can rocks add value to my home?

Installing decorative rocks in your garden is an excellent way to increase your home’s curb appeal and improve its overall aesthetic appearance. Some creative ways you can use decorative rocks include:

Use decorative rocks to complement fountains

Lining the focal points in your garden like a fountain with decorative rocks is a simple yet highly effective way to enhance the look of your home. The rocks will provide contrast and depth while also drawing attention to where you want it most. Be sure that any decorative rocks used in this manner are durable enough for use as exterior features, as some types may fade or crack when exposed to direct sunlight or water over time.

Use decorative rocks around a garden

A decorative landscape rock border can help separate your plants and flowers from your lawn and add contrast to improve curb appeal. You can even use this as an opportunity to incorporate different types of rocks that will add interest by drawing attention to their shape, color, or texture. Or you could include some smaller pebbles in a pathway around your garden beds to easily identify where to walk and avoid stepping on plants.

Use decorative rocks as a standalone element

You don’t always have to use decorative rocks in connection with other landscape elements like flowers or trees, for example. You could place some large boulders in the middle of your lawn if you’re using a low-maintenance approach or place rocks along the edges of your property so they serve as a barrier between you and your neighbor.

Use decorative rocks to accentuate an otherwise bland space

If there’s a section of grass that needs some extra color or depth, consider filling it with different types of decorative rock instead. This works well when you want to draw attention to a specific focal point like your garden or pond. If an area needs some texture, try adding smaller rocks with different colors and shapes instead of grass seed; the result will be equally as effective.

Use decorative rocks to add contrast to other elements

Adding rocks in places where you might not think of using them can be an effective way to improve your home’s style. For example, if there is some large shrubbery around your front door that needs a bit more visual impact or depth, consider adding contrasting decorative rock right next to it instead. This will provide a sense of depth and draw attention to the shrubbery, making it look more prominent.

How do you pick out rocks?

When selecting decorative rocks for your property, pay attention to the following for the best results:

Choose the type of decorative rocks that you want.

The best way to do this is by carefully looking at each option and deciding on one based on its color, texture, or overall shape. All three will give your landscape a unique look while ensuring it fits with what you incision for your lawn. You can even use different rocks in various areas of your garden or around the exterior of your home to give it more depth and variety.

Choose decorative rocks hard enough for exterior conditions

While most types of decorative rock are suitable for outdoor usage, some may not withstand direct sunlight or exposure to water over time. This is why it’s important to carefully read any instructions provided with the rocks you buy and avoid using them in places where they can deteriorate quickly.

Decorative Sand And Gravel

Choose decorative rocks safe for kids and pets

To prevent any injuries, make sure to use only those types of decorative rocks that are relatively harmless, as some will be more rounded and smooth than others. Avoid using stones that have sharp edges or could crack if stepped on; this will help prevent any injuries from occurring when enjoying your garden or yard with friends and family!

Choose a mixture of decorative rocks

When it comes to selecting decorative rocks, the possibilities are truly endless. You could choose a mixture of different sizes, shapes, and colors that complement one another or use one type alone if you’re only looking for contrast with an element like grass seed. Using just one color can be especially effective when using decorative rocks to contrast with something like a bright-colored garden or pond. You can also choose different types of decorative rock with the same texture but come in different colors, such as tan, dark brown, and gray. This will give your outdoor space more impact without making it look too hectic.


There are numerous ways to better the state and appearance of your yard, and rocks may be the missing piece you need to achieve that appealing look. At Allwood Recyclers, we have a variety of decorative rocks in Gresham you can choose from. Give us a call, visit our website or come down to our location to see our wide selection of different materials! We’re happy to help with any questions you may have.

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5 Ways Decorative Rocks Can Enhance The Look of Your Home

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