Soil & Compost

Allwood Recyclers, Inc. provides soil, sand and compost for all your landscaping projects in the greater northwest, Oregon and Washington. Located in Fairview, OR, we recycle, clean and sort all types of soil for quality landscaping and groundwork.

Our Soil and Compost Supplies include:

2-Way Lawn Mix

2-Way Lawn Mix this mix consists of equal parts sand and compost.

3-Way Mix

3-Way Mix this blend contains equal parts sand, compost and dark fine fir.

5-Way Potting Soil

5-Way Potting Soil this blend consists of 5% Sand, 30% Compost, 40% Dark Fine Fir, 15% Manure and 10% Pumice.

Mushroom Compost

This is aged Composted Manure.


Is dredged from the Columbia River. It can be used in mixing concrete, or under flagstone, pavers or bricks for creating patios, walkways and/or driveways.

Yard Debris Compost

Our Yard Debris Compost is made from recycled yard debris. Yard debris compost is the base to all our soil blends, It’s screened to a fine grade and is a dark color.


Pumice is a product of volcanic activity and is similar to perlite, it is mined, processed, and sold in its natural state. Pumice is used in potting soil.

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