Recycling Services

Allwood Recyclers Inc. is an environmentally friendly wood and yard debris recycling facility, located in Fairview, Oregon. Here at Allwood Recyclers, we have been providing affordable prices for residential and commercial use since 1995. We pride ourselves on being Green and reusing wood waste and yard debris and recycling it into rich certified compost or bio-mass fuel for renewable energy production.

The following items are what our facility
accepts for drop-off:

Wood Debris – Note: Screws/nails are okay in lumber, other hardware must be removed.

*Note*: We do NOT accept painted or stained wood

  • Brush
  • Stumps
  • Pallets
  • Plywood
  • Fence Boards
  • Wood Decking (Not Pressure Treated)
  • Branches/Limbs
  • Cedar Shingles
  • Wood Chips

Fine Yard Debris:

  • Grass/Hay
  • Leaves
  • Bark Dust
  • Saw Dust
  • Pine Needles
  • Moss/Thatch
  • Garden Clippings

Christmas Trees – Note: We do NOT accept artificial or flocked Christmas trees.

  • Un-flocked Christmas Trees

Rock/Concrete Debris – Note: No wood posts, rebar, or dirt mixed with rock/concrete debris.

  • Concrete
  • Rock (No red rock. Rock must be clean and not mixed with dirt or sand)
  • Ashphalt
  • Rock/Gravel

The Following items we DO NOT and WILL NOT accept:

Not Accepted Debris:

  • Painted Wood
  • Garage Doors
  • Doors
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Steel/Metal
  • Cardboard
  • Formica
  • Hardi-Plank
  • Roofing
  • Pressure Treated Wood
  • Creosote Wood (Railroad Ties, Power Poles)
  • Insulation
  • Sheetrock
  • Brick
  • Garbage
  • Food Waste
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Laminate
  • Dirt mixed with wood
  • Dirt mixed with concrete
  • Dirt mixed with gravel
  • Dirt mixed with stump grindings
  • Dirt mixed with brush
  • Concrete with metal or wood
  • Clay
  • Flocked Christmas trees
  • Artificial trees