Frequently Ask Questions

Have a question about our services? We’ve answered many of the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers.

Q: How do you measure materials that I want to recycle?
A: Our dump fees are based on the cubic yardage of the material. We measure each load’s length, width, and height. A simple equation of length (ft) multiplied by width (ft) multiplied by height (ft) renders the cubic footage of the material. That number is divided by 27, the cubic footage in one cubic yard, to give us the cubic yardage of each load. We then take the volume and subtract out airspace; the portion of the load that is not material. Subtracting air space means that customers don’t need to worry about compacting their loads to get a lower price, we don’t charge for dumping air. Some materials like pallets or branches tend to have a lot of air space compared to grass or wood chips.
Q: Can items be mixed?
A: We strive to recycle all materials in a safe and environmentally conscious manner. We ask our customers to help in that effort by separating materials as much as possible.

Below you will see the general rules for which materials can be unloaded in which bays at our facility. If your load contains materials from only one Bay, then no separation would be required. However, if the materials that should be in two different bays are in the same load, we kindly ask that you either separate the materials before coming to our facility or unload the materials in the appropriate bays when you arrive.

We understand sometimes that the separation of materials is impossible and so we do have a designated bay for those times. Dump fees for mixed loads are substantially higher due to the labor required to separate them before recycling.

Bay 1 (Yard Debris)
Grass Clippings
Pine Needles
Blackberry Brush
Leafy Brush trimmings
Bark dust
Garden Clippings

Bay 2 (Brush/Lumber)
Wood Chips

Bay 3 (Mixed)
Loads with a mixture of contents that belong in Bay 1 or Bay 2 that cannot be separated.

Bay 4 (Concrete/Rock)

Q: What are your restrictions, if any, when bringing in wood, lumber, and or construction debris?
A: We do not accept pressure treated, painted, or stained lumber. We also do not accept any lumber that has an overlay material like laminate attached to it. We also do not accept wood that has been treated with creosote; railroad ties and telephone poles. The EPA has strict guidelines for recycling these materials, and unfortunately, we are not equipped to responsibly process them.

We can easily process lumber with nails, screws, and staples. However, we ask that larger hardware and brackets be removed before they are brought to our facility. Construction materials like roofing paper, tar paper, drywall, glass, or fiberglass cannot be attached or mixed in with lumber.

Q: Do I need to tarp my debris when I bring it to your facility?
A: Yes, it is a traffic law to tarp, cover, or safely secure your load while traveling.
Q: Can I bring my yard debris in bags to unload at your facility?
A: Materials can be brought in paper lawn and refuse bags available from most retailers and dumped in the pile. If the material arrives in a plastic bag, we ask that you dump the materials out of the bag and take the bag with you.
Q: Do you accept Dirt or Sod?
A: At this time, we are not accepting dirt, sod, or materials with excessive dirt.
Q: Do you accept weeds?
A: Yes, we do take weeds. Please make sure you shake off as much dirt as possible when pulling weeds from the ground. The Office Staff may reject loads containing weeds if there is excessive dirt.
Q: Do you take pallets?
A: We accept pallets without cardboard, plastic, paper, or banding attached.
Q: Do you take fencing?
A: We accept fencing that is not pressure treated, stained, or painted. We ask that you remove large hardware from the fencing before bringing it to our facility.
Q: Do you accept Cardboard?
A: We do not accept cardboard. You can call the Metro Hotline at (503)234-3000 to find a facility that does accept cardboard.
Q: Is there a size limit to tree limbs or stumps that can be brought in?
A: No, if you can haul it, we can take it. Larger wood products like logs and stumps are subject to a higher dump fee when they exceed 2 feet in diameter and/or 8 feet in length.
Q: Will you unload our yard debris for us?
A: We do not unload your yard debris, so please remember to bring a pair of gloves and some help.
Q: How much does 1 cubic yard of the product like bark, soil and or rock cover?
A: Finer bark, crushed gravel, and soil will cover 100 sq. ft at 3” thick or 10 ft by 10 ft 3” deep. Larger bark and river rock will cover 100 sq. ft approximately 2” thick or 10 ft by 10 ft 2” deep.
Q: How much bark dust does an average size yard usually need?
A: First, there is no such thing as an average size yard. The best way to figure out how much product you need is to measure the areas in which you plan on covering the product. After you know the square footage, you just have to decide the thickness in which you want the material. There is a coverage calculator on the website that converts your measurements into the cubic yardage you’ll need. The coverage calculator also works if you’re building a raised bed or have existing planter boxes. If you’re uncomfortable with the coverage calculator or have a question about yardage, you can always call in and we will help you as best we can.
Q: What is the best bark dust?
A: Bark dust is a preferred product and we have several different types to choose from. Bark dust types have unique colors, scents, shapes, and sizes. We have pictures and descriptions available on our website, but you can always come to our facility if you would like to touch or smell the products before purchasing them.
Q: Is delivery available?
A: We do deliver, a minimum of 2 yards.
Q: What is your delivery service area?
A: We do deliveries in Multnomah, Clackamas, and Clark counties for a fee.
Q: How many products can you deliver at one time?
A: We can deliver up to 2 products at one time depending on the weight and volume of the load.
Q: How much notice do you need to set up a delivery?
A: We need at least a day. Deliveries are first come first serve, and during the busy season, we can be booked out days in advance. As soon as you know when you want the material delivered you can call and reserve your spot, even weeks in advance.
Q: Can you do half yards or quarter yards?
A: We sell products in quarter yard increments so that you can get the amount you need.
Q: What if I need less than a quarter yard?
A: We also do a 5-gallon price so you could fill whatever type of container you wish and just pay for things in 5-gallon increments.
Q: Do you fill any truck or trailers or do we need to?
A: We load your truck and trailers with purchased products, but we are not able to load truck beds with canopies or enclosed trailers.
Q: Are you closed on any holidays, if so which ones?
A: Yes, New Years Day, Easter Sunday, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We also close early on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, please call us for those hours.
Q: What type of payment do you accept?
A: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Cash