Bark Products

Allwood Recyclers, Inc. of Fairview, OR has many types of bark products and mulch for landscaping supplies. We supply landscapers all over the greater northwest, Oregon and Washington.

Our Bark Products include:

Medium Fir

Medium Fir remains one of the most popular barkdust among our customers. It is ground and screened to a medium grade, which leaves a layer of fines, as well as a layer of small shreds that settle on top. Medium fir also is a rich red bark that will brighten any landscape.


Medium Hemlock is a sliver-free bark dust and is ground and screened to a medium grade. It is a rich, warm chocolate brown color that will contrast with any plant. This bark is easy to work with and is great for anyone with children and/or animals.

Cedar Chips

Cedar Chips is a nice golden bark that will work well in pathways and playgrounds. It helps repel fleas so it is a great choice for dog runs and kennel bedding.

Fir Pebbles

Fir Pebbles are a larger bark product that has been put through a screening process that removes all the fines and leaves pieces of bark about the size and width of a small finger. It is a lovely rich, red color and holds its size and color longer than medium/finer grades of bark, making it a food long term choice for your landscaping.

Large Nuggets

Fir Nuggets are our largest bark that goes through a screening process to remove all the fines and leaves heavy bark pieces about 1-2″ in length and about 1/2-1″ in width. This bark is a lovely rich, red color and because of its size, it will last long and endure those windy days.

Dark Fine Fir

Dark Fine Fir is a rich dark brown bark that has been aged to attain a mellow, long lasting ground cover. Is has a high nutrient holding capacity and can double as a soil amendment as well as a decorative ground cover that will look great accenting landscape and flower beds.

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