Rock Products

Allwood Recyclers has a wide variety of decorative trees, shrubbery, decorative rock, pavers, railroad ties, boulders, and wall rock. Come see what we have for all your landscape needs. We serve all of the northwest, Oregon and Washington.

Our Rock Products include:

1/4″ Minus

1/4″ Minus is sold by the cubic yard. This rock is recommended for applications where you want the rock to pack down.

3/4″ Minus

3/4″ Minus is sold by the cubic yard. This rock is used for pathways and drainage applications behind retaining walls.

Columbia River Pea Gravel

Consists of small, round stones that are smooth. Pea Gravel can be used for drainage, patios, dog runs, gardens and playgrounds. It can also be used to create aggregate concrete surfaces. (Size: 3/8″ or the size of a “pea”)

Small Columbia River Rock

Small Columbia River Rock is a smooth round stone, which gives it a soft appearance. It can be used to accent landscaping, water features or can be used for walkways. It also works great for a backfill and other drainage applications. (Size 1/4″-1″)

Large Columbia River Rock

Large Columbia River Rock is a smooth round rock that can be used from decorative landscape projects to various drainage applications. Most commonly used for drainage lines, french drains, dry/wet stream beds, ponds and around fountains.
(Size 1 1/2″-2″)

Red Rock

Red rock or lava rock is most commonly used for decorative purposes. It’s a rough round rock with great texture and is rich is color. Some examples of applications are accenting landscape, fire pits and around trees and shrubbery. (Size 1″-1 1/2″)

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