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Bark Products

Allwood Recyclers, Inc of Fairview, OR has many types of bark products and mulch for landscaping supplies.

We supply landscapers all over the northwest, Oregon and Washington.

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Rock Products

Allwood Recyclers has a wide variety of decorative trees, shrubbery, decorative rock, pavers, railroad ties, boulders and wall rock. We also have pre-bagged rock and bark dust for those small jobs.

Come see what we have for all your landscape needs!

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Soil & Compost

Allwood Recyclers, Inc provides soil, sand and compost for all your landscaping projects in the greater northwest, Oregon and Washington.

We recycle, clean and sort all types of soil for quality landscaping and groundwork.

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Recycling Services

Recycling Services
We are an environmentally friendly recycling facility. See what items we can recycle for you! Learn More

Helping In The Community

Helping In The Community
Allwood Recyclers is proud to be active in our local community. See how we can help you! Learn More


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We Are Not Accepting Dirt At This Time

Recycling Center

We’re a recycling center and much more!

At Allwood Recyclers Inc, we do our best to recycle as many items as possible. Yard debris is one of our specialties, especially pieces that are too large to fit into your yard waste bin. Large items such as stumps, lumber, pallets, asphalt, and even Christmas trees can all be recycled at our recycling center located in Fairview. Don’t let old, reusable materials clutter up your lawn anymore. Check out our list for full details on what we can and can’t take, then drop it off and check out some of our landscaping products to bring back with you!

Pick up some bark mulch or let us deliver it to your property

Bark dust is a great option to promote plant and vegetation growth by improving the soil structure and deterring noxious weeds. We have any size of bark dust you need, from very fine Dark Fine Fir to Large Fir Nuggets. Choose your ideal size, color, and amount, and take it home with you on the spot. If you don’t have a vehicle or need more than you can carry, make an appointment for us to come to your property for delivery.

Click here for our Feet to Cubic Yards Calculator

We have rocks from pea gravel to large river rock!

  • Rock products make a fantastic decorative item and can line water features, garden beds, walking paths, and much more.
  • Different size rocks have different strengths and weaknesses, and if you need help making a decision one of our friendly staff members will be happy to help.
  • From placement to size requirements for your dream project, our knowledgeable team can answer any questions you have about rocks and gravel.

Need to pick up some tools?

We have several high-quality landscaping tools in stock! Choose from tools such as rakes, shovels, brooms, and more!

Ask us about other landscape supplies such as soil and compost

As a versatile local landscape supply company, we carry a variety of items to make your yard and garden look great. This includes several types of soil and compost such as yard debris compost, compost manure, and pumice that is mixed into the soil. Choose a soil like our 2-way lawn mix made of sand and compost, or the 3-way mix with the addition of dark fine fir. Fill out our contact form or call us today to see how we can help you make your yard look incredible.

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