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Plain lawns aren’t exciting. Sure, green grass is a benefit during the spring and winter months, but what about when it gets to summer? Without constant upkeep, that once green lawn will slowly turn yellow and brown and stay that way for several months in a row. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a way to make your yard look happy all year? You can if you come to Allwood Recyclers Inc. for bark mulch at your property in Happy Valley. With several kinds of bark dust available, give us a try and see the difference!

What is bark mulch? Just like with grass when you mow a lawn, bark mulch consists of small granules—bark in this case—of organic material. It is added to yards and gardens to help promote healthy growth of flowers and benign plants while inhibiting the growth of weeds. But it can also be put down just because it looks nice! 

Should I use bark garden mulch for my property?

Bark Mulch Happy Valley OR

Along with bark chippings, we have several other items that can help in your garden such as soil and compost. Depending on your goals, you may want a single material or a combination of a few. Some reasons to choose bark mulch in your garden include:

  • It works in combination with soil by providing erosion control that prevents laid soil from washing away.
  • As an organic material, when bark chips break down they provide rich nutrients to your soil that promote growth.
  • Nothing beats the look of a garden bed lined with river rocks and filled with high-quality bark mulch!

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Many people that choose us for bark mulch for their property in Happy Valley OR come and pick the product up themselves in a flatbed truck.

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