Helping in the Community

Allwood Recyclers Inc. enjoys being an active member of the community. We enjoy working with the local community and organization’s to help promote recycling. Here are some charities and events we have helped with in our community:

  • City of Fairview Yard Clean Up
  • City of Troutdale Yard Clean Up
  • Boy Scouts of America Tree Recycle
  • Fairview Elementary School
  • Reynolds High School
  • Corbett Boosters
  • Corbett Alumni Association
  • Portland Mission
  • Boys and Girls Club

If you are looking for us to consider a contribution or a request for a fundraiser for your organization, please provide Allwood Recyclers Inc. with the following information:

On your association letterhead we need: Contact Name, Phone Number, Organization Name, Address, Fax Number, E-mail Address, Tax Id Number, Type of Event and date of Event and a description of contribution you would prefer.